Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Definitely "Worth" it

The Coffee Plantation barista team of Diane, Loretta, and Theo have been attending art classes from the famed local Key West artist Rick Worth, Rick is known for it's paintings of our tropical island of Key West and he uses everything he can find to use for his painting pallet.
You can find Rick's work on tin roof panels, cars (yes, cars as in vehicle) and of course canvas.
His classes are attended by art eager locals who would love to pick up some of Rick's incredible talent.
Last night our friend and Key West visitor Cherie joined us for a "art boot camp" class.
The results are phenomenal, who knew, yes, we can be a artist too....


Blogger jantee said...

Hiya everyone, hope you get this as its a third time try, just wanted to say hello, already missing your fab skinny hazlenut lattes, hope to see you again soon
Love janice and peter fowkes from the UK

5/29/2009 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kutchie Pelaez,..I know you're in there, I saw you in that picture. Don't try to hide my old buddy. How long have you been hiding out in Key West? The cat is out of the bag now. Me and the rest of the girls are coming down there to see you this summer. We want for you to make us a bunch of your famous cheese burgers in paradise. And defiantly several of your famous key lime pies. Several of those pies to bring back into the country with us. Honey, we will see you this summer, you can count on it.

love and kisses until then,
................Samantha and friends

5/15/2010 8:45 PM  

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