Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer time

Wow.... what a season we had here at Key West finest Coffee House, the Coffee Plantation.
With all the worlds economic crisis and global terror fears, we here in Key West lived our season to the fullest. Business was good, some days even better than last year and time for anything other than having fun living here in Key West was hard to find.
Every Wednesday the Bocce athletes of the Coffee Plantation did their best this spring season for a playoff spot, and we failed, we where the big losers this time but we didn't care, we had a great time loosing....
Plenty of exciting things happened this winter, we took out of the water the Schooner Western Union for his big restoration project, and we brought the "Van Den Berg", another ship, to the bottom of the ocean.
This spring Theo became a United States Citizen, after all this time living in the US and the desire to become part of the election process, he raised his hand and pledged his heart to the flag of the United States. Wow... that was a big one....

Between all this excitement of this busy season the barista crew found time to go to Rick Worths art classes. Theo, Diane and Loretta love their Tuesday class at the Armorie and that shows in the painting we have painted. Check out the paintings of Theo, Diane or Loretta by clicking on our name.


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