Thursday, June 22, 2006

Best Friends

I would like to introduce you to my best friend Billy.
Billy and I go back a long way, we talk about baseball, football and all kind of things.
I convinced Billy to stop drinking Mc Donalds' Coffee and try some of the Coffee Plantation House Brew, he is now sold on our 100% Colombian House Brew. Our java gave my man so much energy that now he is going to end all wars in the world and make peace everywhere and balance the budget and help the poor people and wash Hillary's car and end global warming and find alternative fuel and....
Great Coffee........
I walked in to Sara Matthis this morning, and she gave me a little Coffee Plantation history.

Locals of Key West who wander into Coffee Plantation have the sensation of coming home. The new Coffee House and Internet, though open only a few years, has just the right ambiance, product and price that make it seem like it's been around for decades.
Located conviniently on Caroline street, Coffee Plantation occupies the downstairs level of a classic Key West Conch house, lavish in details. Warm wood floors and comfortable wicker furniture mix delightfully with soothing green walls in complementing shades and crisp flat monitors hooked to high-speed machines."We want this to be a gathering place, not just a place to get coffee and go," Diane said, "although customers can do that, too."
Coffee is Theo's passion, people the couples shared joy. Diane credits her husband with the idea to open Coffee Plantation. She said," he told me I want to make something I like to do - drink coffee and talk to people."

Coffee Plantation serves two types of roasts - 100% Colombian for the house blend and a Italian espresso roast for the more elaborate concoctions- Chocarmel Frappe or a Cappuccino with a hit of chocolate mint syrup. "Our Italian espresso beans are the same ones that are served at the coffee carts in Rome," she said. Have you ever tasted that coffee? It's wonderful!"It's fitting that some of the cafe's recipes were discovered on the world wide web. "We found some ideas that sounded tropical and than tested them here," Theo said.

The results are offerings above and beyond what you'll find at most coffee shops.
The mocha Coconut Frappe features chocolate, espresso and milk and is topped with a light dusting of coconut flakes and whipped cream. Locals pay a dollar for a regular cup of coffee. The specialty coffee drinks cost around $3.50 Coffee in hand, customers are free to wander in a computer room where a Internet connection - to check private e-mail accounts, stock prices or do some research - costs 20 cents a minute. As of right now, the entire cafe has 7 computers, a fax machine and a printer. More computers are coming as is a photo printer. "We have wireless service," Diane said. "So a customer can sit outside on the veranda, sip coffee and work on the computer."
Coffee Plantation also sells Arizona drinks, fruit juice and smoothies and has fresh pastries delivered daily.
The veranda is a perfect people-watching spot. The island music from Schoonerwarf bar filters through the swaying trees shading the cobbled courtyard.
Both Diane and Theo love the neighborhood. Like most Historic seaport shopkeepers, they see the promise. "We wanted [a building] with character and personality," Diane said. "This is an upcoming area with a lot of potential."
They already understand the value of proximity to Duval Street without being overwhelmed by crowds that locals shun.
The Glories arrived here three years ago,"one week too late for Fantasy Fest." As they came over the 7 mile Bridge and took in the aquamarine waters, they knew they'd found home. " my husband told me, It's time to unpack the bags," Diane said.
The couple had sold the southern California home and Business and took a year-long sabbatical wandering the United States, Europe and Haiti. One nice side benefit of their travels is that they can relate to just about anyone who walks through the door, happy to share experiences from the customer's part of the world.
Theo is originally from Holland and Diane is from New York. Both retain hints of an accent, mellowed by years spent in California where they met when he walked into her flower shop.
Not wanting to stagnate, they moved on and found Key West. They started the business
for much the same reason.
"It's a great combination. Good coffee and great personality," Theo said. "That's going to be our success because our job is only to have fun."

Wow..... that is just great...

Monday, June 19, 2006

It ain't a dinner fad, but it is fast-growing...

Theo's Surprise Dish
At a dinner party to celebrate with some close friends from Conch Republic Seafood Company (new chef, btw) one of the guests uncovered this bon mot, and thinking it was a special dessert dish or a small cake of some sort immediately and graciously immediately re-covered it.

But what it was was a re-discovered little mold society which had sneakily formed on two irresistible and lascivious corn cobs which had inadvertently been "stored" inside and within the little silver service dish. It had been hiding and clandestinely thriving for two weeks!

And it really does look sort of pretty and temptingly tasty, in a fine dining sort of way.

Anyhow, viva la Key West mold spores...because like it or not, they will, they will.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Our customer "double-shot no-fat latte" Katey Ouinn welcomed my friend "large iced coffee" Kurt and I on her boat this week and teached me how to be a speargun fish-hunter.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cricket says....

I talked to Cricket yesterday and this is what she had to say about the Coffee Plantation...

Cool Beans…or…Surf’s Up At The Coffee Plantation? The rich scent of coffee tempts the taste buds while a flurry of folks drift and linger. Some sip quickly at their mocha lattes, stopping in for a quick blast of caffeine and conversation. Others chat casually or stare for long periods of time at their lap-top computer screens, surfing the web at this free wireless internet spot, occasionally nibbling at the decadent sour cream coffee cake on the plate by their side. Whatever the circumstance, one thing is clear: the Coffee Plantation is living up to its name. Not quite a year old, the upbeat and energetic café hits the mark with its warm climate cultivated by the owners and all who enter. Opened in March 2004 by former Californians Diane and Theo Glorie, it has fast become a gathering center for those who wish to indulge in the great tastes of coffee and community amid tropical décor, laid-back attitude, and world-beat music.

On a road-trip quest to find a new home, the couple fell in love
with the Keys and the island life-style. Theo discovered the building at 713 Caroline Street and instinctively knew that it was the home of their future business. “We found out that we could offer something that really isn’t offered in Key West,” says Theo. “That’s why we decided on a café. "The process was quick but well planned. After extensive research and lots of tasting, they chose a 100% Columbian house blend because of its smooth, full-bodied, non-bitter taste. For those with a penchant for a little more zip, there’s the Arabica espresso bean, roasted in Rome and touted by the Italians in all of their outdoor coffee kiosks. Made from these blends, their extensive coffee drink menu pleases everyone, from plain lattes to Tropical Machiato, a chilled tasty blend of espresso, coconut, vanilla, and milk that is more dessert than drink. And there are edible goodies, too; the menu spans from Goldman’s bagels with homemade cream cheeses to assorted pastries that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re not lucky enough to linger, take home a bag of coffee or espresso in its rustic
sack stamped with the Havana-esque logo. There are also colorful tee shirts and quality boxes of key lime, chocolate and coffee gifts, ready for holiday gift basket assembling. The industrious will be pleased that The Coffee Plantation offers office-like services, with Internet, printing, scanning, and faxing access at very reasonable pricing. Laptop owners with wireless Internet capabilities will delight in hours of free surfing in both the café and the front porch. With lots of parking for scooters and bikes, there’s no concern over parking. “So far, it’s been nothing but compliments,” says Diane, who fosters Theo’s vision with her own warm spirit and steadiness. “Whether you’re here to meet friends or make friends,” she continues, “we hope you’ll feel welcome and have a great experience.”(Open 8 am to 6 pm, handicap accessible, 295 9808).

Wel... is'nt she sweet....

Monday, June 05, 2006

Found Lost Dog

Theo and Mongo found this weirdweirdweird-looking girl dog. This is the least odd picture of it of all of the ones we have. It's very real. (Diane says, "it's so ugly!") Until we saw it with our own eyes, all of us would be hard-pressed to believe such a dog existed. We call her Gracie. And she sort of snuffles instead of barks.

Anyhow, if anyone knows anything about Gracie - owner, breed, etc - please contact Coffee Plantation asap.