Sunday, September 21, 2008

The town is roaring

Thirty-six years ago, Phil Peterson came up with the idea of a poker run to boost the motorcycle business, and the Key West tourist trade during the slow September season. What started with 46 riders has grown to become South Florida's biggest motorcycle party weekend of the year. Today, more than 10,000 riders from all over the U.S. enjoy this event. They rumble from Miami to Key West, enjoying the sunshine, ocean breezes, and riding on the many bridges that cross over the beautiful turquoise water.

Along the way, they make five stops and draw a card at each stop. The winner is the lucky rider who draws the best hand. This year, if you draw one of the top ten hands, you get a chance to play one round of Texas Hold’em at The Guy Harvey Bar & Grill, located on Greene Street, across from Sloppy Joes. The Round will begin Saturday Night at 11:00 p.m., featuring a winner take all, a large cafe latte from the Coffee Plantation and a brand new Sportster 1200 Custom! The City of Key West blocks off an eight-block area of Duval Street. A bike show is held in front of Rick’s/ Durty Harry’s and Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Saturday. Locals, tourists, and bikers all enjoy the sights and sounds of this mini-Mardi Gras with its carnival atmosphere.

Just another beautiful day on our island.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Green Parrot's bocce dreams crushed

The Bocce team of the Green Parrot bar of Key West is the team to beat in this fall season of the southern most Bocce league. The team was undefeated so far in the competition and are doing very well in there quest to become the southern most Bocce champs. Last night looked like they where continuing there winning streak on the Wednesday night pre playoff qualification games. The first match of the evening the "Green Parrot" team mastered the game, the second match was no different. There combined 100 year+ experience in the game gave them the comfortable edge on their opponents. But it ain't over until the fat lady sings....
It must have been the negativity from the "Green Parrot" players that pissed us of....
We got mad.......
The Coffee Plantations Bocce team the "Java Junkies" strikes back. Lets get them, our team captain "On Top of the Polina Tom" said.
A new strategy got implemented, we placed this years rookie and bocce surprise of the year "Caffeine Larry" in the game. We had "On top of the Polina Tom" take charge as the coach and in charge of the last game of the night. Teaming up with "Caffeine Larry" was our own "Dee the Iceman". On the opposite site "Juggling Jason" and "Dynamite Theo".
It was fantastic... our team played concentrated, fought and won.
The crowed was roaring....
The team of the "Green Parrot" cried and left the Bocce courts like a bunch of green chickens.
The Java Junkies... a team to watch this Bocce season....

Monday, September 15, 2008


The latest attempt from County Mayor Mario Di Gennaro to memorialize his legacy as the Monroe County Mayor is this 76 story "Di Gennaro Tower"
This piece of architectural ingeniousness is a design by Mayor Mario's cousin, and will be build by his nieces husband. The location for this project is going to be the Key West graveyard, Mayor Mario Di Gennaro believes that we can move the grave yard sites to new town because most of the family members of the deceased have left the Island anyway.
Mayor Morgan Mc Pherson of Key West is ecstatic about this idea and promptly handed a $150.00 check for a nights deposit on the honeymoon suite to Mayor Mario. The honeymoon suite named after famed Key West publicist Tom Oosterhoudt wil be named the "Oosterhoudt Honeymoon Suite" and will be designed after famed Las Vegas piano player Liberace. The 2700 square feet penthouse condo features a red heart shaped king size bed and pink Sicilian marble throughout.
The project will be funded by taxpayers money but the Mayor explains that the room tax revenue will pay back the tax payers as soon as possible.
The building will feature five swimming pools, sixteen restaurants, 12 tennis courts, and a rotating view deck where you can see Havana Cuba on a clear day.
Our customers here at the Coffee Plantation have mixed feelings in regards to the Mayors plan....