Friday, February 08, 2008

Boccie Fever...

Boccie season is here...
Last week we had our Boccie season opener game against the team of Doc Danny, and after a very disturbing defeat against "Free Beer" we knew that our team had to change our offensive play strategy.
Our Coffee Plantation team regrouped and discussed Boccie strategy with some of the finest Boccie players in the southern most league.

Our Java Junkies Boccie Team this year exist of some of the most talented Key West Boccie greats, we have "On Top of the Polina Tom", "Dee the Iceman", our team Captain "Country Lee", this years Ace "juggling Jason", and me... Dynamite Theo.
This Wednesday our strategy paid of... the team we where playing "Keys Breeze Realty" felt the pressure of the lean mean Java Junkies Boccie Machine.
We defeated these nice people with a 3-0 win... wow...

The best part how ever came after the game.
For our victory celebration we picked "Finnegan's Wake", Finnegan's wake is a great bar here in Key West famous for it's finger food and cold beer, exactly what we need after a night of playing hard on the boccie court.
From a phone call placed to us from the "Defeated Team" we found out that "Juggling Jason " had left his bag of goodies at the bocce court.
This goodie bag held a few days of Jason's restaurant sales. (all cash)

The team we had so badly defeated Wednesday night went out of there way to track down our team to return Jason's goodie bag back to him.
Wow, how great are our Key West citizens.
Needles to say, thumbs up to the team of Key's Breeze Realty.
This night they where the real winners...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Coffee talk

I received a concerned phone call from my oldest brother Cor from Holland yesterday.
He was concerned because there was no news lately on our blog.
It's been way to long he said....
No blog entry for almost two months...
Like, there is no news to report....
Well there is, we have a eventful, very entertaining and wonderful season at the Coffee Plantation this new year.
We had the coldest day on record in January which turned in to be the busiest coffee day in Coffee Plantation history... hmmm...strange...
All our familiar snowbird faces returned to Key West this winter and the first stop of course was the Coffee Plantation for a cup of fresh brewed Costa Rica Reserve and local town gossip updates. And the boat, everybody wants to know about the boat.
Our morning starts out with our daily dose of regulars, to name a few, George Crosby,Trumpet Bob and his lovely wife Lori, Walter and Sam, these five Key West characters make the start of each day a pleasant one and reminds us that life is good here on our sunny island of Key West.
Our days are filled with vacationers from all over the world who picked Key West for their vacation destination. It makes us proud here at the Coffee Plantation to see that these travelers choose our Coffee House for their Coffee and Internet needs and to see all these customers enjoy our product and the comfortable atmosphere of our Coffee House.
Joe Forte returned for another year of creating some fine Key West drawings, if you notice Joe at our shop and if you are lucky he will show you a few of his grandchildren pictures...
For now my friends, this is the update.
I'm going to get myself a fine double shot of espresso and talk to my customers.