Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Definitely "Worth" it

The Coffee Plantation barista team of Diane, Loretta, and Theo have been attending art classes from the famed local Key West artist Rick Worth, Rick is known for it's paintings of our tropical island of Key West and he uses everything he can find to use for his painting pallet.
You can find Rick's work on tin roof panels, cars (yes, cars as in vehicle) and of course canvas.
His classes are attended by art eager locals who would love to pick up some of Rick's incredible talent.
Last night our friend and Key West visitor Cherie joined us for a "art boot camp" class.
The results are phenomenal, who knew, yes, we can be a artist too....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot from the press

As the sports page reported....

Key West's Southernmost Bocce League rolled into their spring season opener with excitement this past week. A-Plus Strokers and Bobalu's were the big winners Monday night sweeping all three games against Pallina Posse and Angelina's Pizzeria respectively. The league's reigning champs Cowboy Bill's had a bye giving the Monday night rollers a breather from this dynamic team.
On Tuesday,
Grumpy's Sunset Cigar went 3-0 against Sons of Italy and Margaritaville won all three games against ReMarCables to go 3-0 as well. Meantime Bocce Babes showed some talent and finesse going 2-1 in their match with West Marine.
On Wednesday,
The match of the night was Java Junkies and championship veterans RGC Insurance. Java Junkies jumped out with a 16-5 win but went down in flames 16-12 in both the second and third game of the match. The consistent Green Parrot team and Beer 30 started their season 3-0 making Keys Breeze Realty and Sans Balls rethink their strategy.
On Thursday,
Bocce Bubbas were perfect and took all three against Kathy's Krusaders while the match up of DonKeys and Schoonfield was intense. DonKeys edged out Schoonfield 16-15 in their first game but Schoonfield came back in the second and third game winning their match 16-11, and 16-13 to start 2-1.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Bocce Fever

It's that time of the year...
The Southernmost Bocce League teams are getting ready for the spring season opening games.
Fee's are being paid...,balls are being polished..., and the beer coolers are being filled.
Let the games begin...
The Athletes of the Coffee Plantation's official Bocce team the Java Junkies have been preparing for this spring seasons games.
We have been preparing for this upcoming season with talking strategy, and a desire to win.
"Juggling Jason" has been working on his close to the Polina game,
"Dee the Iceman" was, and still is working on his blast techniques,
"On top of the Polina Tom" ordered our weekly suply of Captains Rum and Seven,
"Caffeine Larry" looks more Bocce concentrated than ever,
and, "Dynamite Theo" is going to be their to keep the team caffeinated...
What a team.
We feel, and we hope that we can do better this spring season than our fall seasons 6th place cliffhanger.
After a season of incredible hard work and good sportsman ship we ended just one place away from the desired Southernmost Bocce Championship playoff spot.
Our fans of the Coffee Plantation Bocce Team the "Java Junkies" deserve better.
We as a team are convinced that we can bring home at least one of these widely desired Southernmost Bocce league champion price placks this time around.
Room is being made on the Coffee Plantations wall to hang this treasures Bocce recognition.
We will keep you posted.