Thursday, December 13, 2007

Coffee Power

There is Coffee and than there is Coffee Plantation Coffee. Some coffee's make you sleepy and, some give you energy.
For a real energy boost I suggest our house brew... our Costa Rica Reserve gives you so much energy that you can take on big projects.
Projects so big you amaze yourself.
For 4 Months we have been breathing and living the Schooner Western Union.
We negotiated, organized, planned, restored, and celebrated.
The ship is ours, we the people of Key West got our Flag Ship.
We just have to sail from Key West to Miami, have her inspected by the Coast Guard, make the necessary repairs and bring her back to her home port in Key West.
And now it's the day, Friday December 14th 8:00am
Today we will take our ship to the ship hospital. Ten sailors, no fear real man and women will take on the task of bringing our ship to the Merrill Stevens Boat Yard.
The only ship yard in southern Florida that can take on a job like this.
130 tons of heavy timber can't be lifted out, It has to be placed on a trolley and than pulled out on a rail, can't wait to see that...
It's been quit a ride, I never thought in my life that I would be a part of the restoration of a 130 foot historic Schooner... wow...