Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Treasure Island

In order to better serve our customers, we here at Coffee Plantation have created a subsidiary blog to this our main blog, called Treasure Island. Simply put, it is a blog listing all of belongings our customers bring to and leave with us.

You know how a cat will kill a bird or mouse and then deliver to their owner's doorstep? Imaginably it is like this.

So take a look at all of our new-found booty. And make a list, the garage sale is coming up!

(BTW, above is a "magic sea bean," painted on and left behind by Mike Mongo, King of Key West. And believe us, compared to the rest of the stuff, that ain't nothin!)

Treasure Island blog.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monkey Time


"We now interrupt our previously scheduled sponsoring for a message from our program."

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Key Wester on Vacation

Brief joyride ends in grounding of yacht


HOLLYWOOD — A man who stole a luxurious 100-foot yacht and took it on a joy ride while drinking Jack Daniel's whiskey and waving to passing boaters faces felony grand theft charges, police said.

Benjamin Mami, 46, boarded the boat Sunday at Wilshire Marina before rigging it to start and cruising through the Intracoastal Waterway, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Ken Stanley, whose boat was docked nearby, said he saw a bald man who seemed "comfortable" on the yacht at about 10 a.m. The man waved, so Stanley assumed he was a friend of the owner.

"I saw what I thought was a cup of coffee in his hand, but when I got a closer look, I noticed it was a bottle of Jack Daniel's," Stanley said. "He was drinking it like he was drinking his morning coffee, right out of the bottle."

Mami then allegedly left the dock and began an erratic, albeit short, joy ride, said Hollywood police spokesman Tony Rode. He grounded the yacht on the shore about 500 yards from where he started.

Witnesses told one of the boat's owners, John Choynowski, that the yacht was doing circles in the water.

"The boat was zigging and zagging up the Intracoastal, going north, and then started doing doughnuts," Choynowski said.

Other boater owners were amazed at Mami's brashness.

"What gives him the boldness to hang out on the boat on a weekend when the owner might show up?" Stanley said. "That's amazing."

Monday, July 10, 2006

It's not me talking...

This is what Deborah Molise had to say abouth The Coffee Plantation
When city dwellers think about coffee, it usually means a quick dash to one of the big-chain coffee shops to get their travel cup filled up with a hot foamy caffeine brew to accompany them on their commute to work. Key West's thoughts on coffee have a completely different meaning: a pleasant morning ritual, a relaxing part of the day, people watching as the world goes by or perhaps the Island's definition is simply enjoying the local people who own and run these intimate coffee shops that effortlessly draw both residents and tourists alike. Locals and visitors both enjoy discovering the gems these shops have to offer. There is something about the easygoing pace and the quality of the beverages served that make these shops unique.

The Coffee Plantation is the perfect example of one of Key West's great local coffee shops. Housed in a beautifully restored conch house dating back to 1890, the coffee shop sits beautifully on Caroline Street in the Historic Seaport district of Key West . The owners Theo and Diane Glorie previously lived in California for 15 years and owned a busy flower shop in Laguna Beach. Ready for a change, they decided to pack up their belongings and take some time to travel and discover another place they could call home. Key West was included in their eight-month tour of America, Europe and Haiti. At the end of October 2003, they arrived in the Keys for the first time and immediately fell in love with the Southernmost City. The beauty of the blue waters and the Island itself were not the only reasons we were so attracted to Key West, the people played a big part in our decision in moving down here. I have traveled to many islands and this is the first island where I felt completely welcome and knew we would be accepted as locals, Theo says, with a Dutch accent hinting at where he was raised. Theo proudly takes me around the coffee shop telling me stories of their travels and filling me in on all the great products they sell. He has the look of a European, but the spirit of an Islander,
sporting an easygoing disposition and a bright orange shirt covered with a design of pineapples.
When the Glories returned to Key West in January 2004, they found what they were looking for when they discovered 713 Caroline Street. The building and the neighborhood immediately attracted the Glories to pursue leasing the property for their new business. the Historic Seaport and the Schooner Warf gave us the fabulous feeling of how the island is supposed to feel. We
love this area because it creates the feeling of small-style mom and pop shops that are quickly fading, and we want to be part of the continuation of these shops. It would be sad to see them over taken by larger chains, Diane says. She is busy behind the counter serving up a cup of coffee to a tourist from Italy.
Walking around inside the shop, I quickly discover the intimate details from years ago, the golden wooden floors, the brightly colored walls that feature both local and international art, the simplicity of wicker fans, a classic aluminum can for empty cups, and the comfortable wicker furniture that adds a more personal touch, which other coffee shops seem
to lack. Even the bathroom is beautifully appointed with its fresh bright paint and artwork. Tucked in the back of the shop is another room, especially designated for Internet use. The quiet room has 8 computers where you can jump on the Internet for 20 cents a minute, and each one has the capability of printing out selected materials. The difference between this Internet facility and the others around town is the privacy and quiet factor. Each computer is spaced out so that no one is looking over your shoulder reading your e-mails. Because the room is housed at the back of the shop it allows for a certain amount of quiet uninterrupted cyberspace time. If you have your own laptop, you can connect to the wireless modem service for free and surf from the space of the veranda, the computer room, or among the locals in the
main room of the coffee shop.
The Coffee Plantation has been open since early March 2004, and already the Glories have charmed many locals with their exceptional service, the quality of products, and their great friendly personalities. The beautiful veranda adds to the attraction, inviting people to sit for hours sipping their coffee, watching people go by, or simply enjoying a sunny afternoon. It's amazing that in almost three months we have created a local following. All our regulars are great people and each day we have conversations with them, on all levels of interest, Theo explains. I am lucky enough to meet one of their best customers, Carole Conroy (accompanied by her adorable little dog, Pinky). She is greeted with excited chatter from both Theo and Diane. Pinky is provided with a bowl of water, while Theo creates Carole a coffee blend. Carole tells me that she discovered the Coffee Plantation from reading an article about them and came by the next day. The rest is history ­ all three of them are firm friends and Carole stops by often to enjoy a
beverage and the company of the Glories. Her favorite drinks range from the Iced Espressos, Frappes and the Chai Tea. Carole and I talk about Key West and the Coffee Shop in the comfort of our wicker chairs. The Coffee Plantation is what Key West was about and what it should be about, Carole says as her Frappe drink arrives. She is full of smiles and you can tell that she is perfectly at home in this wonderful coffee shop. The variety of beverages, along with the choice of food to compliment that perfect cup of coffee, is extensive. Theo explains to me that when they started the business they knew that their main goal was to give their customers quality
products and a select beverage and food menu with a slight tropical twist. I am very proud to be able to keep up the quality of my products. We have searched for items that we feel will please all our customers. When we built up this business, we kept every angle in mind ­ everything from products, extra services such as the Internet access and even comfort, buying nicer furniture than most coffee shops have. We know our customers appreciate all these added touches, Theo says.
It is difficult to select the perfect beverage because there are so many amazing choices. Coffee drinks range from Espresso, Cappuccino and Cafe Latte made from fresh Italian Espresso beans to an elaborate Mocha Coconut Frappe (a blend of chocolate, coconut, espresso and milk topped with coconut flakes and whipped cream) and iced espresso drinks such as Iced Cafe Viennese and Iced Tropical Machiato (a blend of coconut, vanilla, expresso, steamed milk, topped with caramel sauce).
Coffee drinks range from $1.75 to $3.95, and a basic cup of coffee is just $1 for the locals. If you are not a coffee drinker there are plenty more choices, ranging from delicious smoothies (mango and wild strawberry), Tazo tea's, bottled Coke, apple juice and Orangina to name a few. Only the best tasting beverages can be found here, which is a joy for anyone who appreciates real quality. A choice of fresh bagels and delicious pastries can be found in the glass display case. They provide the perfect companion to the drinks that are served.
Whether your a coffee lover or not, the Coffee Plantation is the perfect place to visit. Anybody who appreciates the real Key West will be delighted to discover this gem in the midst of Key West. A stroll away from Duval Street lands you on their welcoming doorstep. If you want to avoid the rush of Duval and the conventional style big-chain coffee shops, make some time to come over and visit Theo and Diane for a friendly chat and enjoy a delicious beverage. You just
might run in to Carole and Pinky!