Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our President

Even though The Acura Sailboat racers are filling up the Coffee Plantation Coffee House for their pre-race caffeine fix this week, we did find the time to call our friend Barack Obama and welcome our new President into his new office.

Besides all the well wishes we had prepared for our commander in chief, we assured him that whenever he decides to travel to our Southernmost City or have a summit with Cuban leader Raul Castro at the Little White House here in Key West, we at the Coffee Plantation would be honored with his visit.

All of us here at the Coffee Plantation would love to provide him with his presidential cup of Cafe Con Leche, we assured him its the best in town. We will even deliver to the little White House....

Monday, January 19, 2009


You have heard us more than once talk about the locals, tourists, and all other unusual characters entering the Coffee Plantation.
Some with special coffee needs like 25% regular coffee with 75% decaf...., skinny sugar free decaf vanilla latte...., or just, our world famous Costa Rica Reserve.
Some come here to do their office work, write a book, surf the web, enjoy the Coffee Plantation comfort and stay just way to long........, and, some hop in and out, and are out of our hair in seconds.
But one thing that all of our loyal Coffee Plantation customers have in common, and that is they are humorous, honest, and just so nice...
On this Saturday, "Anne Strout", enjoyed her fresh cup of coffee she just had purchased from the Coffee Plantation and was stretching her legs on our comfortable Coffee Plantation front porch.
Time came around for here to continue her walk through our Historic old town Key West district, and, not until the next day did she realized that she had left her camera on our front porch....
A fine Coffee Plantation Customer however, had found her camera and returned it to the Coffee Plantation coffee counter.
Surprised and overjoyed was the reaction of Anne when she heard we found her camera that she had lost the day before.
She made us this incredible creative card with on the back she wrote the story of her tale.

January 2009

I was fadin fast,
I went in for coffee.
They made me a new pot,
Delicious. I sat on the
porch. I left my camera sitting there.
I went away

Where is my Camera???
Omygod. looked everywhere. My last
thought, the Coffee Plantation
( No, Hopeless. It's gone.I am sad)
I go there anyway.YES!!
A customer had turned it in.
Wonderful Coffee House with
beautifull Customers. THANK YOU.
----THE END--- by Anne Strout

Saturday, January 10, 2009


One of the reasons why I swapped my wonderful liberal life in Holland to the tropical life on our tropical island of Key West is the dutch cold winters.
The cold Holland winters that turn the landscape into a living winter wonderland.
Do I miss it.... hell yeah, I would love to tie on my wooden shoe ice skates just for that one day. Skate through that picturesque landscape with the windmills and dikes....
Just for one day though, check out this picture.

People skate on frozen canals in Kinderdijk's Mill Area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, near Rotterdam, Netherlands, Saturday Jan. 3, 2009. Kinderdijk is a good example of an area where water management is carefully organized in the low countries with a system of mills and waterways.

Beautiful Isn't it, it's about 74 degrees on our Coffee Plantation front porch today.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Brand New Year

This week has been something else. If this is a sign on how 2009 is going to be.
We got a year coming....
This week is known to be "Hell Week" here in Key West.
People flying, driving, sailing and hitchhiking onto our Island for the holidays and our world famous New Years Eve celebration.
To much fun.... a great time for everyone. The town is packed with people.
All kinds of people... looks like our homeless population has doubled over the last few weeks.
Today at one point our "Iced Costa Rica Reserve House Brew Coffee fan" Larry noticed one of the misfortunate Key West resident setting up camp under the Coffee Plantation front porch...
The name has been changed to protect the innocence (except for Larry), so we will call him Charlie, Charlie decided to use our world famous comfortable front porch, as the roof of his key West apartment. Charlie had moved in a few day's ago and this afternoon Charlie decided to move in a window unit air conditioner to make the hot steamy Key West nights a bit more comfortable in his new found Key West pad.....

That's when we draw the line. This is even to much for the world famous hospitality rules of the Coffee Plantation hospitality handbook.

That's when Theo grabbed the damn Air conditioner unit from underneath our damn comfie front porch and lifted the damn thing on top of his head so he could get the damn thing passed the damn fire hydrant so he could cross the damn street to throw the damn thing in front of this damn bum and tell him to never show his damn face around our damn world famous coffee house ever again....

I need a espresso...a double