Saturday, October 24, 2009

Season is here

After a summer season that gave us plenty of time to do what ever we wanted to do, the season is changing and the busy season is here.
Seems like our regular international summer customers have left the Island and our familiar winter snowbird faces are back at the Coffee Plantation for there caffeine fix.
We at Key West finest Coffee House, the Coffee Plantation tresure this time of the year.
All the customers tell us their summer adventures and they all want to know about what has happened this summer at the Coffee Plantation and on our island of Key West.
Hug's are given and story's are being told,
The coffee is brewing, Loretta's pastries are baking...yes... season is here. And yes, we love this time of the year.
This week the Bahamian street fair Goombay in the Bahama village, kick's of the season's festivities, and traditionally that party is the beginning of Fantasy Fest. Fantasy Fest is the biggest party that Key West has to offer.
Make sure you visit us here at the Coffee Plantation if you are visiting us for these festivities, the Coffee and the Pastries will be ready.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are going to Holland

Diane, Loretta and Theo are all turning 50 years old this year and we have been tossing the idea around to go to Holland for this half a century landmark birthday.
We are planning to visit Theo's family and of course we would love to visit Amsterdam.
Amsterdam... the city that really never sleeps, the Rembrandt museum, Van Gogh museum, Vondel park, boat rides, Red light district and of course the coffee shops....
Liberal Amsterdam was a topic of discussion on one of O'Reilly's show on the Fox news television network.
Bill and his blond bimbo newscasters think that the liberal marijuana laws in Holland and in particular Amsterdam are failing and the drug lords are taking over the streets in the capital city of the Netherlands.
Wouldn't it be nice if these so called "shock newscasters" get there facts strait and do some real research and come with some real fair and balanced news shows...
As a response to this unfair broadcast a short facts video clip was made and of course we at the Coffee Plantation would love to share this with you.

Bill O'Reilly is a douche bag....and we are going to Amsterdam

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A happy customer....

We at the Coffee Plantation love feedback from our customers....
Read what Jay and his family had to say after visiting our Key West coffee shop


We just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic coffee, breakfast & ambiance on our last day in Key West. We definitely picked the right place to bid adieu to the Southernmost city in the Continental US.

I loved hearing all about culinary school in Virgina along with the family stories from up the coast in NY. Congrats again on your success & we hope to see you again in the future.

Thank god for local coffee shops, stores & restaurants. We're proud to say that's all we patronized on our trip last month in the Keys from Homestead to Mallory Square.

Take care & continued success.

Yours truly,

Jay Mastrud & the family (Heidi, Bea, Gus & sister Sue Kowolkowski from Chicago)

Thank you Jay...
You made our day!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Turtle Released

A recovered loggerhead sea turtle named after President Barack Obama was released in the Atlantic Ocean off Key West on Saturday.The turtle was rescued on Key West's Higgs Beach on Jan. 19, the day before Obama's inauguration. It was then transported to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon.Obama the turtle suffered from a severe intestinal impaction, which caused a body cavity infection, Turtle Hospital administrator Ryan Butts said. Because of the timing of turtle's rescue, officials thought it made sense to set it free on the Fourth of July."The turtle came in at a historic moment and was named after the new president, so we thought it was appropriate to release 'Obama' to freedom on America's Independence Day," Butts said.About 100 people watched the turtle's release Saturday."We got the turtle down on the sand and it took off," Butts said. "It was so excited and swam away with all the energy it had."

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer time

Wow.... what a season we had here at Key West finest Coffee House, the Coffee Plantation.
With all the worlds economic crisis and global terror fears, we here in Key West lived our season to the fullest. Business was good, some days even better than last year and time for anything other than having fun living here in Key West was hard to find.
Every Wednesday the Bocce athletes of the Coffee Plantation did their best this spring season for a playoff spot, and we failed, we where the big losers this time but we didn't care, we had a great time loosing....
Plenty of exciting things happened this winter, we took out of the water the Schooner Western Union for his big restoration project, and we brought the "Van Den Berg", another ship, to the bottom of the ocean.
This spring Theo became a United States Citizen, after all this time living in the US and the desire to become part of the election process, he raised his hand and pledged his heart to the flag of the United States. Wow... that was a big one....

Between all this excitement of this busy season the barista crew found time to go to Rick Worths art classes. Theo, Diane and Loretta love their Tuesday class at the Armorie and that shows in the painting we have painted. Check out the paintings of Theo, Diane or Loretta by clicking on our name.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Two and a half years ago I started a quest to get myself my favorite motorcycle by trading up from a red paperclip.
The bike I really wanted was a late seventy's BMW preferably a R90S.
I have reached my goal and I have been driving around our Island on my brand new 1982 BMW R100.
Follow this link to read the whole story....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Definitely "Worth" it

The Coffee Plantation barista team of Diane, Loretta, and Theo have been attending art classes from the famed local Key West artist Rick Worth, Rick is known for it's paintings of our tropical island of Key West and he uses everything he can find to use for his painting pallet.
You can find Rick's work on tin roof panels, cars (yes, cars as in vehicle) and of course canvas.
His classes are attended by art eager locals who would love to pick up some of Rick's incredible talent.
Last night our friend and Key West visitor Cherie joined us for a "art boot camp" class.
The results are phenomenal, who knew, yes, we can be a artist too....